Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I feel like Christmas has just visited me!

Several months ago my parents came up to watch the girls so Bryan and I could go to a Flyers game and they brought up a bag of some of my old books.  I was pretty annoyed that they brought more of my stuff that I haven't touched in nearly 10 years up to my house.  They like to force me to take all my junk that I left behind when I got married by sneaking it into my house when they watch the girls.  I think they find it rather amusing.  I am not amused.

The bag of books they dropped off didn't get much attention before I banished them into the the garage.  I saw a plethora of Cliffs Notes (Yes, I actually read the books, but I used the Cliffs Notes to see if my interpretations were on the right path.) and then a few books that I simply didn't care for like the Great Gatsby.  I'm sorry, but I don't feel the Great Gatsby was all that great.  Benjamin Franklin's autobiography was in there, too but I can't even remember when, or for what class I read that.  Surely, I did not pick that up as pleasure reading, or did I?  

I've been impatiently waiting for Tiber River to send me a copy of St. Augustine's Confessions.  I'm not sure what the hold up is, but I've been waiting nearly a month now, and I'm not exactly the most patient person.  It's a book that has been on my to-read list for a while now.  I know I read some, maybe all of it many years ago, but I had lost my copy.  I often find myself wanting to read some of my favorite books from the past and me, not being able to find those books.

Just a few minutes ago I took the dog out and decided on our way back in to peek in the bag and see if anything good was in there.  I have to say that I am totally delighted and thrilled right now.  I have no idea how I missed this, but Salinger's Nine Stories was right on top after I pushed the Cliffs Notes out of the way.  That is one of my favorite books.  I simply love Salinger and I've always found it disappointing that he never published more books.  I suspect that when he has passed on some new books may make their way into publication.  

Aside from three of my beloved Salinger books, I found my old copy of St. Augustine's Confessions.  I'll be diving into that after I enjoy some time alone with Salinger.  I also found my copy of Great Dialogues of Plato (another beloved book) and a bunch of classics that I read for fun when I was in high school.  Even my copy of Dracula that scared the crap out of me and caused me to have a Summer of insomnia is in that bag.  I left Dracula in the garage.  He doesn't need to come in the house.  If I've learned anything from watching True Blood on HBO, it's that vampires can't come in your home unless invited.  So Dracula, you'll have to stay in the garage. 

I'm so excited to have more books to read.  I've been wandering around for a few days bummed that I don't have anything new to read.  Now I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. I just wish the books didn't all smell musty.  



  1. I won a copy of St Augustine's Confessions as part of Catholic Summer Reading contest. Has not arrived yet but am very intriqued.

  2. I agree with you about The Great Gatsby; I remember reading it in high school and not impressed with it. When my son read it in high school, I read along so we could dicuss some things and I still wasn't impressed with it. Time, for me, did nothing for that story.

    I'm with you about vampires; do not invite them into your house. I read Salem's Lot years ago by Stephen King; after I read it I had to return it to the library immediately that night and couldn't sleep soundly for a few nights afterwards.

    glad you got some "new" reading material


  3. That is great! My parents still have a few of my things too.


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