Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Successes

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.
1. I took a shower in the master bathroom for the first time in over 18 months.  That means that I also primed, and painted the new drywall strips that had to be fitted around the new shower.  From start to finish it took 12 days from ripping out the old shower to having a shower that could be used.  Some days it felt a lot longer than that.  Bryan and I are both loving the convenience of not having to use the kids' bathroom anymore. Good bye Ariel and tropical fish!  I shall only visit you to brush teeth and do hair.

2. I replaced the screen on our sliding glass door.  Early this Spring, Mr. Furkins uncharitably stuck his Furkiney puppy paws through the screen this spring when he realized that I had an outside person in the house while he was frolicking in the backyard.  I was not pleased with the tears in the screen despite the fact that we hardly ever use the screen (can't with the sliding glass door pool alarm).  It took me about 30-45 minutes out in the hot morning sun to replace the screen.  But I'm happy to report that I did it and I didn't injure myself like I did eight years ago when I did my last screen replacement. (I ran the screening tool over my finger pad and created a blood blister that was rather painful.)

3. I finally got around to addressing the thank you notes from Madeline's First Communion.  Yes, at this rate, friends and family will see the thank you notes in their mail boxes about three months after the fact.  I have 5 left to address (I did 6 so far).  I still have to cut the pictures apart so I can put a picture of Madeline in her dress in each card.  Let's not talk about all the thank you notes I still have to write and send out from Ellie's birthday party earlier this month. 


  1. good for you for being so handy around the house! I like how you have the pool alarm thingy on your sliding glass door. I can't tell you how many stories I've read in the paper about kids drowning in pools/spas here in So. Calif. It is a no brainer; you have a pool and you keep an eye on it and your kids/etc or you get as many alarms as you can to protect them.


  2. We have a very good reason for that alarm, Betty. The day they started filling the pool up Ellie ran upstairs put her bathing suit on then announced as she was about to walk out on the deck that she was going swimming. The pool hadn't even been backfilled yet, and there were only a few inches of water in the very deepest part of the pool. I knew instantly that I needed an alarm, and a child safety fence around the pool or I'd be scooping her out of the pool some day. In NJ it's a law that you have to have a pool compliant fence but it can enclose your entire yard and not just the pool and be approved. From the curb or the house, kids have two barriers to cross in order to make it into the pool. That alarm can be heard by neighbors who are 100 feet away.

  3. oh! I bet that shower felt awesome! You've accomplished a lot! Good job!


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