Thursday, July 23, 2009

Small Successes

Celebrating the little things in life that add up. Or as they so perfectly titled this weeks post over at Faith and Family Live, "Sweating the Small Stuff".  Now I feel like I'm being stalked (because I wrote a blog about this on Sunday that I never posted).  I am notorious for sweating the small stuff, but I just let the big stuff fall where it may.  Yes, I'm that disordered control freak that worries more about the silly things in life than the serious things.  

1. I managed to finish spackling the drywall all around our new shower.  Bryan isn't exactly good at that, so I've spent the past few days making the the walls look as close to seamless as possible.  Let me go on record here stating that I seriously dislike working with joint compound.  I also found the perfect shower curtain, hooks and rod for my new shower.

2. I cleaned the kitchen.  It stayed pretty and clean for a few hours yesterday.  When are they going to invent self cleaning countertops?  You should come over and ooh and aah over how clean the top of my fridge is.  It's beautiful, if I do say so myself.

3. I reviewed every book that came to my house (courtesy of review programs) over the past week. (It's been a busy week of reading in our house.)  You can read one of my reviews here.  The other ones were for the Amazon Vine program. Serena Williams' On the Line and Awista Ayub's However Tall the Mountain were both very good reads.  The girls and I also reviewed The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School.  Madeline was over the moon that I got a book that she could help me review.

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  1. Wow - you reviewers amaze me. I'd love to do that, but can I make the time?

    And AWESOME on your bathroom!!! I JUST did two bathrooms in our house thanks to Hubby's help, and wrote them in my successes for the week. I'm all about claiming painting and spackling!! LOL!

    Thanks for your great week, and for sharing!


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