Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BSI Update

I realized that I never posted a follow up to the BSI situation with Madeline's school. I had emailed with Madeline's teacher last week after I sent the letter detailing why Bryan and I did now and would not consent to Madeline being placed in a a basic skills math class. The teacher assured me that Madeline wouldn't be sent down for the BSI class, but I had also spoken to parents who told me that you simply can't get your child out of it. Those conversations were disturbing and I really thought I was going to have to start shopping for homeschooling curriculum by the end of the week.

Yesterday I got an email from Madeline's teacher. Between my letter and the teacher interceding on Madeline's behalf, Madeline was excused from BSI. I feel relieved now. And to make the situation even better, Madeline brought home a bunch of tests, quizzes and classroom assignments from math yesterday. The lowest grade was a 94% (still an A) because she made a careless mistake on one question and forgot a period at the end of a sentence on an open ended question. Not too shabby. Everything else had 100% at the top of the page. I love seeing those triple digit scores. They just give me that nice warm and fuzzy feeling. And I love that my child comes home telling me that she's certain that this is the year she's going to get straight A's.

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