Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's going to be one of those days!

When Bryan travels I call him before I go to bed to talk to him for a few minutes and to say good night to him. Most of the time Bryan is in a different time zone when he travels. Occasionally, my beloved spouse is having too much of a good time and I'm not able to get in touch with him. Other times he doesn't have cell service in whatever place he's in. There have been times when my husband has thought it was ok to call our house at 1 or 2AM while the girls and I were sleeping. I do everything in my power to make sure the phone doesn't ring in our house past 11PM.

Last night, I was feeling especially tired after two days chock full of activity and single parenting. I sent Bryan a text at 11:55PM to let him know that I was going to bed early and I would be calling him in 5 minutes. (I go to bed between Midnight and 1:30 most nights.) After making sure the dog was locked in his crate, locking up the house and making sure the girls were still alive (Yes, I check every night to make sure my girls are alive before I go to bed.) I gave Bryan a call. He was at Wolfgang Puck's Vegas restaurant. I only talked to him for a few minutes. I explained to him that I was rather exhausted after hosting my parents for about 5 hours that afternoon/evening. When they come over the kids and the dog get very excited, and my parents both talk to me about different things at the same time. The noise level alone wipes me out. I said good night to Bryan and didn't expect to talk to him until around 8AM this morning.

I'm not sure what exactly happened to my husband, but he must not have checked his text messages for many hours. At 4AM my phone rang, and as luck would have it the handset I had on Bryan's pillow was the loud one from the kitchen that plays a song when Bryan calls. So I was startled out of a deep sleep by the phone. I answer it to an overly bubbly Bryan who is literally shouting into the phone. My first thought was the he must be drunk. Why else would he call me at 4AM? No, my perfectly sober husband was blissfully unaware that Las Vegas was several hours behind NJ. He insisted for about a minute that it was only 1AM and that he hadn't said good night to me. It wasn't until I firmly pointed out that it was 4AM here on the East Coast and that I had already talked to him four hours ago that he realized he made a big mistake. Part of me thinks he was just so excited that he won $400 playing black jack that he had to call me.

Because of my 4AM wake up call I couldn't fall back to sleep. My stomach was killing me because I am generally starving when I wake up. So I had to go downstairs to the kitchen to grab a pudding cup to make my stomach feel better. Around 5:30AM I finally managed to fall back to sleep. When the alarm went off at 7AM I felt anything but refreshed.

The day got more interesting when I asked the director of Ellie's school if it was still NJ law that children under 5 are required to have the flu vaccine to attend preschool. Unfortunately the answer was yes. So I spent this morning scrambling to locate a pediatric dose of the flu vaccine for Ellie. Our pediatrician is out and doesn't know when they'll have it. Our family doctor was also out. I wound up on a wild goose chase to get her the vax. After calling the 800 number for the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic I was told that the local Walgreen's had it. So I signed Ellie out and took her there to get the flu shot. Once I got her signed in (We were first on the list...yeah!) I talked to the nurse on duty and found out they have been out of the pediatric dose for weeks. Ugh! But she did tell me she's heard rumors that the Minute Clinic at a CVS 20 minutes away had it. I decided we'd take a chance and drive over there. There was a crowd of people around the Minute Clinic and I began to wonder if Ellie would be 5 before she was seen. We were 9th in line and spent about 90 minutes waiting to be seen, all the while not being sure if they even had the pediatric dose of the flu vax. Fortunately, our wait was not in vain. Ellie got her flu shot so I now have one less thing to worry about.

Bryan is now on a plane that is heading home. Provided the flight was not delayed (I haven't checked the status yet.) he should be home in just enough time for me to get over to the parish school in time for the class I'm required to take by the diocese to be a catechist.

I'm very tired and I can't wait until this day is over. I'll be very happy to have Bryan home and snoring in bed next to me instead of calling me at 4AM.

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