Friday, October 16, 2009

I want my heater fixed

I'm feeling a bit anxious at the moment. All morning I expected to get a call from the heating repair guy, but the phone never rang. I had Bryan call around lunch time to check on the status and they said they'd call back. Two hours later we still had no word. I had already lost hope that the heater would be fixed today a few hours earlier. Bryan called back a second time and within an hour we had a call. The part they're waiting for will not be in until Monday. Ugh!

Bryan is rather bummed about this. He's freezing his butt off upstairs in his office. I, however, am roasting down here in the family room next to the lovely gas fireplace that gives me a headache.

Since neither of us are comfortable with leaving the fireplace on when we're sleeping our out of the house, we do not have a steady source of heat. We piled extra blankets on the girls last night to make sure they stayed warm. I was actually quite comfortable last night. I like to be cold while I sleep.

I'm rather dismayed that we need to go a few more days without a functioning heater. It's not the fact that we're a bit chilly here that's bothering me, but the worry that the simple little part that needs to be replaced is going to prove impossible to obtain. The week before Ellie was born we had a massive heat wave and our central air unit that was only 4 years old died. The problem was one small part that the repairman assured me he could have the next day (kind of like the heater guy did yesterday). After several days, we learned that our builder used a unit that was not industry standard and it was essentially impossible to get a new part unless we could wait 6 weeks. Don't ask a very pregnant woman if she wants to wait six weeks to have her A/C replaced in the middle of a heat wave. We ultimately wound up having to replace the entire unit so I could be saved from going off the deep end and so our newborn wouldn't have to come home to sweltering hot house. At the moment, I am incredibly worried that we're heading into the same situation once again, only I'm not pregnant and it's cold instead of unbearably hot.

So while Bryan complains about how cold he is all weekend, I'll be sitting here worried that the tiny little part that is causing our heating woes will prove impossible to obtain. I sincerely hope that the repair man can get the part we need. I really don't want to have to replace the entire heating unit. That's an expense we don't need at the moment.

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  1. Yikes! We went through a time when our heater broke repeatedly. We had to replace the furnace in our first two houses. My husband and I joke now that every time we buy a new furnace we move. So the house we live in now has an 18 year old furnace. We were thrilled when it turned on this fall. Who know how long it will last :S


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