Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guest of honor or innocent victim?

Right now I'm being summoned by my daughters to go down to the basement (trap) to dine on plastic food at their restaurant. I'm meeting my plush fiancee there for another date. Yes, I'm aware that I'm married and all, but Bryan doesn't seem to mind that Phil and I have a relationship. Phil, is a half man half goat (from Disney's Hercules). He always looks rather annoyed to be forced into tea parties and restaurant scenarios in the basement. In a lot of ways, I totally get how he feels. I keep reminding myself that there will come a day sometime in the future when I will wish the girls would want to use me as their pretend patient, beauty shop client, guest of honor or talent show judge. For now, I'll gather up as much patience as I can and head to the basement to go on a date to a restaurant with inedible food with this grumpy guy who I swear is part animal. I thought when I got married I'd be done with dating. Guess I was wrong.


  1. Today I had to eat soup made of out legos LOL!! (of course it was pretend)

  2. ROFL! I'm sure the girls will remember these tea parties. Can you ask your date to shave? ;)

  3. Cookie,
    I'm not sure that having him shave will do much. He'll still have that overgrown unibrow, the cloven hooves, the tail, and as my husband pointed out, he's got those horns, too. I just don't think there's much hope for Phil. And let's not forget he's a nudist, too.

    I feel for you on that Lego soup. Legos can have some sharp edges. It that doesn't give you indigestion nothing will!


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