Monday, October 12, 2009

I feel like I've been MIA

I'm starting to think that I've been busier that I previously thought. I'm a little lazy and didn't go and look at any of my more recent posts, but I don't think I've shared my pumpkin patch pictures from two weeks ago. I know I didn't put any of my recent beach pictures up either. Did I even blog about my trip to the beach this past Saturday? I think I'm in the middle of a time warp. How is it that Madeline's birthday was a month ago? Time has been zipping past me ever since I got sick back in August. Here's hoping it slows down sometime soon.

Today was a rather busy day here. Bryan left at 5:30AM to catch a flight to Las Vegas. He's out there for a meeting. So my day consisted of waking up early (kind of) to say good bye to my husband, worrying for his safety while he was flying (worrying and praying that is), driving to Stone Harbor for a dentist visit for me and Madeline, checking on my parents' house "at the shore" (non-public bathroom break), lunch at Mc Donald's with my best friend and her four kids, and a visit to the Cape May County Zoo. When we finally got home I crashed on the couch for a nice long nap.

I'm happy to report that I successfully kept the girls busy today. I like to keep them busy while Bryan is away so they don't miss him too much. I particularly like to keep busy while he's flying. Otherwise I obsessively worry about him. Tomorrow my parents are going to visit so that will create a diversion for the kids for tomorrow. I just have to get past two mornings and one more bedtime routine and life will be back to normal for a few more weeks.

Unfortunately, I'll likely only see Bryan for 30 minutes on Wednesday night before I have to go to a class I'm required to take as a catechist in our diocese. The kicker is I'm not even sure if I'm actually registered for the class since the DRE appears to be a bit of a scatterbrain. I've emailed, given her handwritten notes and spoken to her in person and I still do not have a straight answer. I'll be calling tomorrow to try to follow up once more. I'm frustrated to say the least.

I'm looking forward to Thursday when life goes back to normal for a few more weeks. Bryan has two more business trips coming up next month. I honestly don't know how I used to cope when he used travel frequently. Before Ellie was born he used to travel almost monthly. In fact, I think he was away for about 45 days of my pregnancy with Ellie (spread out over many trips). We don't have the exact dates for his next two trips, but I'm really hoping he won't be traveling on our anniversary since it's the day before Thanksgiving.

This tired mom is going to head off to bed now. Maybe tomorrow I'll find the time to post my beach and pumpkin patch pictures. My new profile picture is from our beach trip this past Saturday. Bryan played photographer for a few minutes so I could get in a few pictures.

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