Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Think my kids will rail against censorship?

I've been wondering if I'm going to have kids flaunting their first amendment right of free speech someday. See, I ban certain TV shows, books and toys in our home. For the most part, I ban things that irritate me or provide a bad example for my children.

Bratz dolls have been banned since they first came out. My girls don't need to play with underage hookers with too much make-up and too little clothing. They have Barbie. At least she looks like a respectable call girl when she isn't cavorting around in a princess gown.

Rainbow fish is a banned book. Why? Because the message in the story is horrible. Why do people think that a story that tells kids that it's not ok to be special or different is good? It also tells you that people won't like you if something about you makes you stand out in the world. It's not a sweet story about sharing. It's a story of extortion. If you want friends rainbow fish you better give us a scale, otherwise you can live out the rest of your days as the outcast. Real sweet! Did I ever mention that when we moved into this house Ellie's bedroom had Rainbow fish wallpaper border running all around the room? I scrapped that off the walls within the first few days that we lived here. I didn't sleep well knowing that my innocent child was surrounded by the characters from that horrid book.

Lots of TV shows have been banned. Yo Gabba Gabba with it's characters that look an awful lot like adult toys is not allowed to air in my home. Many of the shows marketed to the tween and teen set are also not allowed in my home. Our most recent TV show to be blocked is Nickelodeon's Fresh Beat Band. The songs annoy me and I can't shake the feeling that this show is trying to be the AIDS free preschool version of Rent. Don't get me wrong, I really like the musical Rent, but I don't need the irritating Nick Jr. version playing in my house every day.

Ellie knows it's a banned show (the screen goes black and the box asking for the parental code pops up every time the show comes on TV). She's aware that I simply don't like the show. Maybe it's because she carried on every time it came on TV because she didn't like it. All I know is it's up there with my least favorite kids' TV shows.

I know on some level that Madeline resents that I don't allow her to watch certain shows (such as iCarly and Hannah Montana). I do my best to offer her other shows that I feel are more age appropriate and respectful. I don't know why, but Nickelodeon has a penchant for portraying adults as idiots. In a few years, I'm sure my daughter will think she knows it all and I really don't need a TV show egging her on.


  1. I hate icarly too. And yo gabba gabba. I haven't seen that fresh beat band, but I'll be looking out for it. My kids aren't even allowed to watch sponge bob :S It really is hard to find good shoes for kids these days.

  2. Spongebob is allowed in our house, but Fairly Odd Parents is not. I think Ellie would die if she had to live in a world without her beloved Bob. Doesn't hurt that I actually like the show, too. I identify with Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Mrs. Puff and Plankton. I feel their pain.

  3. LOL! Yes, spongebob! LOL!! It is one of the few shows that I like too. You're right that nick's mo is to undermined parents or any authoritative figure.

    That's an interesting outlook on rainbow fish. I never looked at it like that before.


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