Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Months

Katie turned three months old today.  It's hard to believe she's been here for three months already.  We're already a quarter of the way towards her being one!
In the past month Katie has really changed a lot.  She now coos and tries to talk to us.  Some of the sounds she makes sound like actual words.  Sometimes it sounds like she says "Hi!" which I frequently say to her.  Bryan has commented to me that he thinks she's saying a few different words when she gets going with trying to talk to us.

She's very expressive and loves to give us smiles.  Of course, she has her moments where she goes from incredibly happy to angry in approximately two seconds flat.

Katie has developed a love of hockey.  Most evenings she will get very cranky if hockey is not on the big glowing rectangle.  Bryan is always happy to oblige his little princess and find a game for her to watch.  Hockey tends to calm her down to the point that she is riveted by the game.  Right now we're watching a game between two teams that we don't even care about, but Katie is enjoying it.  I like to tease Bryan that Katie isn't a Flyers fan.  She likes all the other teams.

Our little princess is working on getting mobile.  She is coming closer and closer every day to rolling over.  She just needs to figure out how to position her arm correctly and she'll be set.  She's also pushing herself up pretty well.  Tonight she was trying to get her knees under her at the same time that she was pushing up with her arms.  I suppose she'll be up on her hands and knees soon enough.

Her head control is good enough that she's able to happily sit in the high chair or bumbo seat.  She's even spending a little bit of time in the exersaucer each day.  She's not at the point of bouncing in it quite yet, but she can turn herself in it a bit, and she's doing her best to reach for her toys.


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