Monday, January 9, 2012

Photography Gateway Drug

So last Thursday my new camera lens arrived and in the few days I've been using this lens I've become hooked.  I'm convinced that an inexpensive*, but decent prime lens is a photography gateway drug.

I'm still playing with the settings on the camera to see just what I can do with the new lens.  I have captured several pictures of the girls that make me want to squeal with delight. (I'll be sharing pictures, soon.)  I was even inspired enough to pick up a photography book I recently reviewed to find some inspiration only to discover that I NEED want a wide angle lens.

It's funny how this one lens has me hooked.  I am, however, disappointed that the cheapest wide angle lens I have come across is over $400.  I'm wondering if it's possible to test drive a lens to see if it's worth buying.  Somehow I don't think Bryan is going to like my new addiction.

*Inexpensive when compared to the much pricier versions of the same focal length.  I still don't think $100 is cheap.

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