Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life...


Madeline is beaming in this picture because we allowed her to not only hold the baby while standing, but also to walk across the room with her.  Prior to last night she was only allowed to hold Katie while she was sitting down.  


Ellie has taken to separating her goldfish crackers by color and stacking her tostitos into pyramids.  She seems to have some OCD snack tendencies.


Bryan was trying out his "blue steel" look.  Didn't realize he was trying to be the next Zoolander.


Bryan takes AWFUL pictures of me.  They're so epically bad that I doubt anyone could take such unflattering pictures of me even if they had tried.  It's a terrible gift he has, really.  So I've taken to setting the camera on the bottom shelf of the upper cabinets in the kitchen and using the remote to take pictures of myself holding the baby.  Is it sad?  Maybe. But,  I'd rather take my own picture than not be in any at all.

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