Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Successes-May 5th

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

How on earth did May get here already?  Time is just flying these days.

Before I start in on the successes, take a moment to visit my comfort cross giveaway sponsored by  Two winners will be selected tomorrow.

1. On Monday and Tuesday I took some time to start ironing the VBS logos onto the tee shirts for the campers and volunteers.  In what I can only describe as pregnancy induced insanity determination, I managed to bang out 120 shirts.  Only twenty more to go!  We will not talk about how the pile of clothes that needs to be ironed is still sitting on the back of the couch in the living room totally untouched.  And we're also not going to talk about the fact that I brought the ironing board and iron upstairs so that I could iron the pile of clothes that is on the back of the living room couch.  Furthermore, we will not be discussing the fact that I have been wearing wrinkled shirts most of this week.  Some of us have priorities.

2. The laundry is surprisingly under control.  I have a load that has to be washed and two in process at the moment.  I plan on taking care of that in the next hour or so.  Life without a mountain of laundry that needs my attention is sweet.

3. I rounded up nearly every article of paper that could be recycled on Tuesday and escorted it to the recycle bin.  I was feeling very accomplished for all of 24 hours until it was time for me to write everyone's obligations for the month of May on the calendar.  Yeah, I apparently recycled the altar server schedule for the special Masses (Weddings, Communions, Confirmations) for the months of May and June.  Sigh.  I really must find a way to override pregnancy hormones that make me throw away everything in sight.  Fortunately I was able to find out the date she has to serve by calling the parish office.  As a bonus, I even made sure to tell the scheduler that Madeline isn't able to altar serve the weekend of her soccer tournament in June, AND I got the date right.  Yay!

4. I did some yard sailing this weekend (after the homeschool conference fail) and found a few things for the new baby.  Now if  I could just find a Bumbo seat and a few other things on my list I'd be thrilled.  What I really need is a visit from the Baby Gear Fairy.  Dear Baby Gear Fairy, I would love an infant car seat, a bouncy seat, a booster seat for the kitchen and a few new baby rattles.

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