Friday, May 6, 2011

If only they were antisocial...

If my girls were antisocial instead of popular social butterflies I think life would be a little more peaceful.  Of course, my girls aren't the least bit antisocial and there's really no holding them back from socializing.  Most of the time I don't mind that my house feels like kid central when it's warm outside, but there are certainly days where I wish small people didn't feel the need to converge on my lawn and drive me insane.

This evening is one of those days where I wish my girls were a little less popular.  Two of Madeline's friends rang the doorbell a little over an hour ago wanting to play with her.  I thought I was off the hook since she had just left for two hours of soccer practice.  No such luck.  Ellie happily ran to the door and offered to play with them.  Yep, an eight year old and a ten year old were more than happy to play with my five year old.  Ordinarily I'd be happy that Ellie has someone to occupy her time, but today happens to be day one of patching her good eye and she's currently outside running around like a crazy person with only an eye with poor vision.  I have to say I'm surprised she hasn't hurt herself yet.

The biggest annoyance for me at the moment is that the children who are here now (six and ten year old sisters-the eight year old must have gone home) really want to come inside or go in the backyard to play.  I would prefer to keep everyone out of the house and backyard so the dog doesn't go nuts and so I don't get any questions about some of the baby stuff that's on the deck and in the house. [I still haven't announced my pregnancy to the neighbors, or Bryan's side of the family.  Let's just say I'm enjoying the peace that comes with keeping this news tightly under wraps.]  After forty five minutes of his incessant barking, I gave up and decided to go sit on the front porch.  This option is slightly less irritating than staying inside.

At some point I suppose I will have to spoil all of this outdoor fun with friends and call Ellie in for dinner.  Since this means I will actually have to put dinner together I'll happily sit out here on the porch soaking up some sun just a little while longer while trying not to be too annoyed that my kids are too popular for my current patience level.

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