Monday, May 23, 2011

A Slight Rant

Before I write the post I've been wanting to write all day about today's ultrasound, I just want to put something out there.  It is not helpful or even kind to tell an excited expectant mother that 10% of the time the ultrasound is wrong in determining gender.  Are we clear on that?

Tonight as I was happily telling some of my friends at the VBS meeting the results of our ultrasound from earlier today one of the volunteers felt the need to take the wind out of my sails.  I am fully aware that ultrasound technicians can make mistakes when determining gender.  With Ellie we had multiple ultrasounds because of an abundance of choroid cysts (I know what they look like!).  We also went to a place called FetalFotos and had an ultrasound done there after the first tech wouldn't say she was certain that the baby looked like a girl.  I sat on edge for months wondering if the girl I was having was, in fact, going to be a girl.  I don't live in a fantasy world.  I know people have been told they're expecting one gender and they have another.  That's precisely why I will have a week of clothing for a child of the opposite gender hanging in the closet just in case.  That's also why the vast majority of the clothes for the gender I've been told I'm having will have their tags left on until my mom gets a call from the hospital telling her she can cut them off and wash them.

Anyway, it comes across as a cruel passive aggressive move when you take it upon yourself to tell an excited expectant mother that her child might not be what she was told.  Why bother to plant that seed of doubt?  My next post will be about the ultrasound, my crazy day, and the baby's gender.  Do me a favor and trust that what Bryan, the tech and I all saw is likely exactly what we will be brining home from the hospital in 20 weeks or less.


  1. Karen, you deserve this rant. what an oaf that woman was. AND... I can't believe that her figure of 90 percent error is even remotely near correct. someone nees to take her aside and tell her that was a social gaffe! can't wait to hear the news!!!

  2. She was telling me that she was/is (?) a L&D nurse and the U/S is only right 90% of the time. I see that I miswrote that up in the post. Even still, telling someone that there's a 10% chance that you're going to deliver the opposite gender isn't the nicest thing to tell someone. We had the U/S done at the Maternal Fetal Monitoring Unit at the hospital and I'd have to say it was the most detailed U/S I've ever had. I'd be shocked if this tech didn't know what she was talking about.


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