Friday, May 13, 2011

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round button chicken


Bryan is always telling me he's pretty.  I needed to take a picture of Ellie with her Daddy and I was quite happy with how this picture turned out.  If you don't think Bryan is pretty, you have to admit the cutie he's holding is a pretty little girl.


I love how my mom lights up when she admires the artwork my girls make for her.  The bonus, of course, is my girls beam with joy at her reaction.  Everyone should have a Mom Mom like this.


I find Ellie's drawings rather amusing.  On Saturday we went to a diner and she drew this lovely portrait of Madeline or "Mobline" as Ellie spells it on the back of her placemat.  Bryan and I thought the picture was a riot, but Madeline didn't appreciate it at all.  You can also see Ellie's rendition of a fork in the bottom right hand side of the drawing.  Evidently, neither of our children knows how to draw a fork that looks like a fork.  The top picture is proof that I'm not feeling energetic enough to draw with sidewalk chalk in the driveway.  Ellie wanting me to play with her while Madeline and Bryan were at a soccer practice settled for my idea of playing crime scene investigator.  I laid on the concrete selfishly trying to soak up the last rays of sunlight for the day while she drew a chalk outline of my body.  Once she was done she insisted that I move so she could draw my face and hair.  It's a good likeness, don't you think?


Last Friday my mom and dad made settlement on my childhood home.  I'm happy that my parents no longer have to maintain two houses, but I'm sad that I'll no longer be able to visit this house.  It was on the market for over 5 1/2 years so we've known for a long time that this day would come.  Bryan took this picture of me the day after Easter.  It was our last visit to the house.  I'm going to miss this house.


  1. WOW 5 1/2 years! That's a long time :( Nothing quite like a childhood home.... Love the pix! And my hubs will think it's hilarious that Bryan calls himself pretty :) That really is a great picture tho! Have a great weekend!

  2. You have NEVER looked BETTER than in that chalk drawing...awesome!


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