Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 7

I'm really bad at doing coming up with these quick takes.  What's it been several months since the last time I did this?

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I'm slowly but surely getting things ready for the new baby.  Yeah, I know I'm only 17 weeks 5 days along and I have plenty of time, but I'm the kind of person who needs everything ready yesterday.  I'm doing my best not to totally obsess over baby stuff these days, and I'm getting over the fact that things aren't the same as they were ten years ago when I was originally looking at baby gear.  A lot of the new improvements seem like a step backwards in my opinion.

I'm making my way through the ever growing stack of books and products I need to review.  I'm doing my best to not feel guilty that I currently do not have the time or energy required to crank out reviews every few days like I had in the past.  I don't exactly do well with having to move along at a slower pace.

Ellie's appointment with her pediatric opthamologist was today.  She now needs to have her good eye patched for four hours a day seven days a week.  I suppose this means I'll be looking into getting her some cute cloth eye patches soon.  For now, she has some girly adhesive ones.  I sincerely doubt her sensitive skin will do well with the adhesive.  She usually gets a rash from bandaid adhesive.  Something tells me she's not going to like me calling her Pirate Ellie and saying "Aargh" at her.  On the bright side, she doesn't have a hook hand or peg leg.  Things could be worse.
Things for Vacation Bible School are going well.  Registrations are coming in slowly but surely and there's certainly a healthy interest in the program.  I'm trying not to drive myself too crazy with the planning and preparation that goes into directing the program.  Thus far, I think I'm doing a good job at relaxing.
With only two weeks to go with religious education classes, I submitted my end of year survey and let them know that I will only be teaching one class next year (Kindergarten).  As much as I'd love to keep teaching two classes, I think it's not feasible or practical given our family circumstances.  I can easily teach a Sunday morning class while having a newborn, but Thursday nights just aren't going to work for me.  I did volunteer myself as a hall monitor for the Thursday session.  I figure I can walk the halls with a baby with no problems.  I think it's a decent compromise.  I'll still be contributing on some level and I won't feel guilty that I'm not being generous with my time.
With each passing day, I'm having an easier time coming to grips with the reality that my girls will not be homeschooled next year as I had hoped.  Madeline is very excited that she will get to go to the middle school.  I'm hopeful that she will thrive there and be happy with her friends.  I take comfort in knowing that we know most of her friends families and the fact that already she seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders.  My biggest concern is that her innocence will be corrupted on the school bus, but then again, I remember not understanding half of what kids were talking about when I was in 6th-10th grades so maybe it's possible to be bombarded with adult material and not actually pick up on it.  Ellie is elated that she will finally get to go to the public elementary school.  She has several friends who go there and she's very much looking forward to it.  My only worry is that she will have a mean teacher like Madeline did for her 1st grade year.  On the bright side, the teacher Madeline had retired a couple years ago.
I had an appointment with my midwife today.  Everything looks good with the baby.  I just love hearing the baby's heartbeat.  He or she has been quite active this past week.  I'm convinced that pretty soon his or her kicks will be detectable on the outside.  My twenty week ultrasound is set for May 23rd.  I certainly hope that I'll be able to find out the gender on that date.  I'm anxious to get the baby's room painted and decorated ASAP.  I'd also like to start buying gender specific clothes.  People keep asking me if I have any guesses on the gender.  I'm really not sure.  Bryan's guess is that it's another little girl.  The girls are mixed in their opinions.  One day they think it's a boy and the next they're convinced that they're going to have a little sister.  Either way, Ellie has strong opinions.  If it's a boy, she's naming him Daniel and if it's a girl she NEEDS a purple blanket.  I can make the purple blanket happen but I don't think she's going to get her wish with the name unless she can convince him to go that route for a confirmation name.

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