Thursday, May 12, 2011

Small Successes-May 12th

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. My dad and I celebrated our 33rd and 74th birthdays yesterday.  My parents came up for a visit and we did some clothes shopping for the new baby.  Based on the big bag of clothes my mom and dad brought for the baby, I'd say they're guessing that baby number three is a boy.  I still have no thoughts either way on the gender.  This pregnancy isn't really any different from my pregnancies with the girls in terms of how I feel.  We're hoping to find out the gender on May 23rd when I go for a 20 week ultrasound.  It will be our first peek at the baby.  How I've lasted this long without going crazy is beyond me.

2. Our swimming pool is now open.  We're nowhere near having warm enough water to go swimming, but our pool has gone from a murky swamp that would make Shrek happy to a crystal clear body of water.  I am now being asked daily by Ellie when she can go swimming.  I hope it gets really warm here fast!

3. The dog and I have begun taking nice long walks around the neighborhood in the morning after the girls go to school.  I figure it's probably a good idea if I start doing something that could be construed as exercise so that I'll be in good shape when it's labor time. It has the added benefit of allowing me to get some color, too.  My arms and face are starting to tan.


  1. My walk may or may not be harder, but yours probably gives greater benefit. I find we can get to the end of one block and then it's time to return for something!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm hoping that once my back issues are resolved I'll be able to take more walks. I REALLY need the exercise!


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