Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: Inconceivable

Is it possible to read a book that will make you angry, feel frustrated as well as inspired, and cry?  Depending on your outlook, you may get just that when you read Inconceivable.  Inconceivable is the story of Carolyn and Sean Savage and their experience with a botched IVF (in vitro fertilization) transfer.

You might think that my anger or frustration in reading this story comes from the fact that a fertility clinic impregnated Carolyn Savage with another couple's embryos.  You would be wrong.  I was so irritated to read of this couple presenting themselves as "good Catholics" who knew that IVF was deemed morally unacceptable by the Catholic Church and still proceeded to pursue this option.  I found their statements which pretty much alluded that they felt they knew better than the Church to be arrogant and that left me feeling very annoyed through most of this book.  The story is compelling and certainly one that keeps you wanting to read, but I continually found myself thinking that this whole situation could have been avoided if they had only heeded the wisdom of the Catholic Church.  The other thing that totally irritated me about the Savages was their lack of repentance for disobeying this Church teaching.  Why did this irritate me?  Well they decided to pursue surrogacy, which failed, and as I was informed recently they are now expecting twins who are being carried by a surrogate.

In reading this book you'll likely find yourself smiling at how this couple selflessly decided to stand up for the sanctity of life when whey learned Carolyn was carrying another couple's genetic child.  They went against the medical advice of their fertility doctor and chose not to terminate.  Surely other couples would have considered terminating upon learning of this surreal medical mixup.  So, despite the things that angered me about the situation, it was nice to read of this couple who were willing to turn their lives upside down and put their hearts on the line to protect the unborn child who they legally could not keep.

This story is at times very heart wrenching.  The anguish and agony the Savages suffered permeates the entire story.

Overall, it's not a bad book.  There are some typos, such as not capitalizing the M in Mass, which I found distracting, but the story is well written.  It's a nice pro-life story that speaks volumes of the Savages commitment to the innocent unborn.

I was provided with a complimentary review copy of this book by FSB Media in exchange for my honest review.  You can learn more about this book by visiting Harper One, the publisher.

Later this week I'll also be hosting a giveaway of this book.  Stay tuned.

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