Thursday, May 5, 2011

If you put baking soda and vinegar in the washer....

Expect a problem.  I'm very sensitive to perfumed laundry detergents.  They bother my nose and I can't stand to be around them.   It's typically the only issue I ever have with any kind of hand me down: getting the smell of the flowery detergent out of the clothing.  Usually baking soda does the trick.  It may take a few cycles in the washer, but the smell comes out.

My mother in law recently gave us a Christmas themed woven throw that belonged to Bryan's grandmother who passed away last December.  As soon as she told me that she had washed it, I began to groan.  I can't stand the smell of her detergent.  (Doesn't she know we have a washer and dryer here?)  I've washed this throw a few times and still the perfumed detergent smell lingered.  So last night I decided I was going to give baking soda and vinegar a try.  The result?  The white side of the red and white throw is now dark pink.

I'm washing it again with baking soda and some stain remover.  I wonder how it will look in another hour.

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