Monday, June 1, 2009


I don't know if I've ever had to come out and publicly state my position on the usage of toothbrushes.  But, today, just to make sure my stance on the issue is clear, I will make it known.  I firmly believe that toothbrushes are a single user object, in the same way that toilet paper is a one time use item.  Are we clear on that?  Good.  This morning I asked Madeline to brush her teeth and she tells me that she can't.  Really?  She's been brushing them since the first tooth came in at 10 1/2 months (we do help her to make sure they're clean).  So I ask her why she says she can't do it.  The answer I got was just lovely.  "I don't have a toothbrush." says my lovely Madeline.  So I have to ask if she brushed her teeth before bed last night, and she tells me that she did.  Now where on Earth does a toothbrush that can't walk go between the hours of 9PM and 8:30AM?  That's when she drops the utterly disturbing news on me.  She couldn't find it last night, so she just used Ellie's. Ugh!  Feelings of disgust, repulsion, irritation and righteous indignation on Ellie's behalf washed over me.  I have no way of knowing if Ellie brushed first or if Madeline did.  I hope for Ellie's sake that Bryan brushed her teeth first.  Sorry, but using someone else's toothbrush is just a total personal violation.  I promptly tossed Ellie's toothbrush and replaced it and Madeline's.  Turns out Madeline's toothbrush was on the countertop all along under a headband.

The toothbrush incident and another equally bad incident that was courtesy of Madeline this morning have kicked off what I fear will be a long week.  Bryan flew out to San Francisco this morning and will be gone until Saturday morning.  If this morning is any indication of what the girls have in store for me, I'm going to be wanting to run away by Tuesday afternoon.

I finally heard back from the Religious Ed program at our church.  They're able to give me a class during my preferred session for Madeline, so it looks like I'll be teaching this upcoming school year.  That's scary and exciting all at the same time.  I'm now waiting to hear back on what grades are in need of a teacher.  I'm hoping for a class that isn't middle school aged.

I just spent 4 hours at Ellie's preschool "Fun in the Sun Day".  I think it's safe to say that Ellie had fun.  I'm exhausted and I think I may have a touch of sunburn.  Ellie won two raffle prizes.  Sometime in the next 14 days I'll have to take 10 kids to a local skating center (can you believe the prize expires 14 days after the event?).  Ellie also won a hair cut from the place where I take the girls.  Yay!

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