Thursday, June 18, 2009

Musings by Madeline

On our short two block ride to school this morning, I had to squeeze my minivan between a trash truck and an oversized pick-up truck that the people at the end of our block insist on parking in the street.  That's when Madeline's random thoughts of the day were proclaimed. 

Madeline: Well, that's something I know I don't want now.
Me: Ok?
Madeline: So now there are three.
Me: (Deciding I'll bite) Three what?
Madeline: Jobs I don't want.
Me: (Because this is like pulling teeth) And what are they?
Madeline: Trash person (love the job title), fireman, and police officer.
Me: Hmm...why not?
Madeline: Trash is stinky.  
Me: What about the other two?
Madeline: I don't want to get burnt or catch on fire, so I can't be a fireman. I can't be a police officer because there are bad people with guns. I don't want to get shot.
Me: You have some valid points.
Madeline:  I know. I want to be a 2nd grade teacher or I want to work in a pet shop. (Those jobs are totally related, right?)
Me: That sounds like a good plan.  I'd pick teacher (much less clean-up).

Sometimes she just cracks me up.  These thoughts seemingly come out of nowhere.  I particularly like that she keeps running lists of things she doesn't want to do when she gets older.

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  1. wise career planner she is! will be interesting down the line to see what she settles on



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