Tuesday, June 30, 2009


That's how much I just paid for an outfit for Madeline and a cute pair of sunglasses for Ellie at The Children's Place.  I'm one of their select shoppers who has been invited to reap the benefits of having their credit card without having to have an account (they're trying to get me to open an account, but after two years it still hasn't worked).   So I received a $10 coupon from them the other day (I honestly don't recall buying enough to earn the reward, but Bryan says the economy is making them desperate and they're just throwing incentives out to see if anyone will bite.) I'm sure I've probably mentioned in the past that I'm a bit of a bargain hunter, so the idea of getting reward dollars for buying children's clothing certainly gets my attention.  So right now I'm quite pleased with my $1.99 shopping trip.  Madeline has a new outfit that she really likes, and Ellie is quite pleased with her snazzy new pink sunglasses.


  1. Okay so my bargain shopping wasn't as great as yours. However, I did get 3 shirts, for me, for $20 today at Gordmans. That may not seem like a huge steal, but when I have to buy 3x-4x clothing that's a great price!

  2. I love a bargain; sounds like you did great at the Children's Place!



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