Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Isn't bedtime fun?

Some nights I learn some very interesting things at bedtime.  Tonight I got a little fun fact from each of my girls.

I didn't mention it yesterday, but our power went out about 5 minutes after Bryan's alarm went off.  Bryan was showering when it happened and he thought for a few minutes that I turned the lights off on him (Yes, I do stuff like that to him frequently.).  The power outage was inconvenient since I had to go to the Luau for Madeline's class.  Since the only non leaking shower we have is in a bathroom with no windows, Madeline and I had to use her book light to see in the shower.  

I guess I had mentioned how irritated I was with the no electricity situation  and my reasons why within ear shot of Madeline last night and she totally latched on to it. I ran into two problems with my morning shower as a result of the power outage.  The first was that I could not wash my hair, because I wouldn't be able to use a blow dryer.   My other issue was that I couldn't shave my armpits in the dark.  I'm sure I could have, but I didn't want to cut myself.  Madeline overheard me complain to Bryan that I had to wear a short sleeved top instead of a tank yesterday because I wasn't going out with hairy armpits. Now they weren't hairy like the girl in the Boost Mobile commercial, but I could see hair stubble.  Based on comments Madeline made to Bryan tonight, we suspect that she told the world today while she was at school.  Yeah, I'm a bit embarrassed, now.  Madeline just loves to take personal information and broadcast it to the world. 

Ellie asked me to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar tonight.  She alternates between that and Sandra Boynton's Pajama Time.  About two pages into the book she gasps and has to interrupt the story.  She needed to tell me that her teacher, Miss Susan, has a TV.  Are you blown away by that bit of information?  I know I was.  Gosh, to think that someone has a TV in their house in the year 2009 just blows the mind, doesn't it?  I couldn't help but laugh.  She was so excited and serious about this.  I reminded her that we have TVs, too.  I guess that big TV in the family room is easy to miss. 

Bedtime was certainly interesting tonight.  You just never know what my goofy girls will come up with.  

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  1. LOL that's funny about the teacher and TV. I wonder if she think her teacher lives at school? LOL I've heard that some kids think that.


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