Friday, June 26, 2009

No hippos allowed

If you are a hippo, you probably aren't going to like this latest report coming out of Mommyland.  As I was putting Ellie to bed tonight we had a little discussion about hippos after reading Pajama Time (there's a happy pajama wearing hippo in the story).  It turns out that Ellie is scared of hippos.  Clearly she doesn't trust them, despite my telling her that they're a fun loving bunch of animals.

While our country has made great strides in the area of civil rights, it appears that hippos have been left behind.  Ellie informed me that hippos are not allowed in our house. I let her know that that was fine by me since I didn't think one could fit though our doorways.  She also told me that hippos aren't allowed in our neighborhood.   It's true, we specifically brought a house in a hippo free neighborhood.  I think most of New Jersey is hippo free with the exception of the Adventure Aquarium in Camden.  Then she got on the subject of hippos driving.  I had to let her know that hippos aren't allowed to get a driver's license so she didn't need to worry about those crazy driving hippos either.  She tells me that they're not allowed to drive because they beep the horn too much.  Good to know.

In approximately three weeks I will no longer have a three year old (sniff).  God, I'm so going to miss this age.  If I could keep Ellie this size forever I would.  There's still a touch of baby left in her.  By this time next year it will likely all be gone.  I asked her if she wants to stay small and three, but my lovable Elsie wants to keep moving forward (sigh).  She tells me she wants to "get big" and be four.

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  1. My husband has been complaining that we no longer have a baby in the house - mine is turning three in July. I tagged you in a photo meme!


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