Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm in volunteer limbo

I'm currently (impatiently) waiting to hear back from the Religious Ed office with my class assignment for next year.  At this point I'm either going to be teaching 3rd grade when Madeline is in her class, or I'll be teaching a kindergarten or 1st grade class on Sunday mornings.  I hate waiting around for answers.  I'm the kind of person who dwells on stuff, so it's best if I don't have to wait.  The email I received this morning tells me that I should have an answer later in the week.  I almost feel like I'm obligated to take a Sunday morning class.  It's already been made clear to me that the evening session I want to teach is a popular one with students and teachers (probably because the timing makes the most sense) and I have been told several times now that they REALLY need teachers for Sunday morning. Ugh.  Both time slots have pros and cons for me.  I originally wanted to teach on Thursday nights when Madeline is in her class, but now I'm wondering if I should just call the RE office and tell them I take a Kindergarten or 1st grade class because I know there is real need for teachers for those age groups.  The 3rd grade class is really what I'm waiting to hear back on.  They're waiting for last year's teacher to decide if she wants to teach 3rd grade again.

Since Bryan is away, and most people are tired of me asking them for their opinions, I'm just going to put my thoughts out here on the blog. 

 If I teach during Madeline's session, I'll have to send Ellie over to a friend's house so they can babysit her while I teach.  But, I'll be free to go to the 9:15 Mass on Sunday where Madeline can attend the children's liturgy (it's seems like social hour to Madeline...still not sure if it's a good thing or not after a school year of her going to it). The caveat to me teaching during Madeline's class (aside from me needing a babysitter) is that Ellie will be in her CCD class while Bryan and I go to Mass with Madeline.  That essentially means that Ellie will go to church maybe 8 or 9 times total from mid-September to mid-May.  

Now, if I teach a class while Ellie is in her CCD class, I won't need a babysitter.  So the nice thing there is I don't need to depend on anyone (this is big when you are a Type A personality like me).  While Madeline would miss out on the Children's Liturgy (I'd buy her a subscription to Magnifikid to make up for that), I would also not have to listen to the Folk Song group at Mass who butcher music weekly.  We would be free to attend Mass on Saturday night or at any of the other Sunday Masses (I feel guilty leaving the church grounds while Ellie is in her class).  Aside from missing out on the Children's Liturgy, I think the only other thing that holds me back from doing a Sunday class is I think I'll have a more difficult time getting Bryan to come to Mass with us.  As soon as CCD was over for the Summer three weeks ago, Bryan informed me that he was going to be taking a break.  He's decided to take an approach of taking two weeks off from Mass and then going with us for two weeks (insert my annoyed eye roll and head shake here).  

So here's the bottom line:  I can have an easier time teaching  kids on Sunday morning, not have my ears assaulted and not have to rely on a babysitter. At the same time, I can also fulfill a real need in the Religious Ed program.  The reward would be getting to teach sweet innocent children who will be happy to listen to me as I ply them with lollipops early in the morning.  And, I'd get to do some arts and crafts, but I would be committing to an extra hour at the church every weekend for about 8 months.  My other option is I get to teach older kids who may or may not behave, but I'll be able to take Madeline to the Mass with the children's liturgy, have my ears assaulted and essentially guilt my husband into coming with us.  The drawback to this option is Ellie won't be going to Mass with us. 


  1. I think that having to choose between your child or your husband not attending weekly Mass is horrible, but you need to put your child's attendance first. For your husband it's more of his concern.
    I personally love teaching third grade PSR/CCD/RE; they are a great age, still young enough to be curious and want to learn but old enough to have serious discussions about catechetical topics.

  2. That's a tough one. I hope it works out.


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