Sunday, June 7, 2009

Normalcy has returned

Bryan was safely returned to me on Saturday morning.  I was quite happy to hear the yellow mustang pull into the driveway, followed by the sound of a spastic Oscar barking with excitement and two little voices calling out "Daddy's home!".  I generally worry from take off to landing when Bryan is flying.  So when he takes a red-eye home, I don't get much sleep.  I was tired yesterday, but very relived to have Bryan home.  

The garage door is fixed.  Apparently, one of the springs that's connected to the pulleys that aid the door in going up and down easily snapped on Friday.  Because it snapped, it made it nearly impossible for the garage door opener to evenly pull the door open.  At one point, the door lurched closed on Friday and it did something to my beloved door opener.  We were worried yesterday that the door may have broken the door opener.  That would have made me a very sad person.  Bryan figured out what was wrong with the opener and managed to fix it.  So I now have a fully repaired door.  The poor girls were very upset yesterday and today that the car was hot when we went out.  We're certainly spoiled by being able to park in the garage.

Bryan and I worked on the vegetable garden today. It was totally overrun with weeds and in serious need of attention.  We almost have the garden to a point where I can plant my tomato and basil plants.  I have 7 plants who are anxious to be put in the ground.  Tomorrow morning I need to purchase more weed block.  Once I get the final section of the garden covered with the weed block I'll be able to get the plants situated.  Provided we have good weather tomorrow, the job should be finished tomorrow evening.

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  1. so glad Bryan returned safe and sound and the garage door is fixed once again! your garden sounds like it will be very fruitful once it starts blooming; nothing like fresh tomatoes/veggies, they taste so good!



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