Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ready to feel bad for my kids?

First off, Ellie didn't know what an Oreo was called until a few minutes ago.  She came upstairs and asked me if she could have some "Nutty Butters*".  When I walked into the kitchen she was holding the little box of Oreos.  I was a little confused since they weren't the Nutter Butters she just asked me to give her.  Turns out she wanted Oreos, but didn't know what they were called.  Poor kid.  Then I gave her two (yes, I'm a mean mom) and explained that each cookie is technically two cookies so it was like having four.  She looked at me with that "my mom has something wrong with her, but since I can't tell exactly what it is, I'll just go along with what she's saying" look.
So you're probably asking yourself why my lovely children don't know what Oreos are, right? Well, there's a good reason for that.  I don't buy cookies unless they're in cookie dough form** or are Girl Scout Thin Mints or Carmel Delights***.  And even then, my children hardly ever see cookies.  I do make cookies around Christmas, but that is the only time of year that I ever make cookies from scratch and actively push them as snack options.  If it wasn't for grandparents and Girl Scouts, my girls would think that cookies were something special that we only eat at Christmas.  I'm not a health nut or anything.  Candy is one of my major food groups, if that tells you anything.  I simply don't buy certain snack foods and cookies happen to be one of those things.  Chips (with the exception of Baked Tostitos), pretzels and doughnuts**** are also on the list of foods you won't find in my house. 
In case you are wondering how Ellie came to know Oreos, there's a good explanation.  My mother in law visited on Friday evening.  When Gammie comes to visit, she usually brings things like Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts or cookies.  This past Friday she brought Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Nutter Butters and a Chocolate covered Reese's Peanut Butter cookie.  I'm still twitching from the onslaught of contraband cookies in the house.  Bryan and the girls are loving it.  By Sunday morning the cookies were already halfway gone.  I can't wait until they all gone.  For some reason, the grandparents like to buy the girls all the food I never buy.  Yesterday my parents stopped over with potato chips and M&Ms.
*It's what I call Nutter Butters because I always have to be a little different.
**Bryan and I eat the break and bake cookies when the kids go to bed, so they rarely ever get those cookies.
***Carmel Delights will not be making a comeback in our house.  I gave them up for Lent this year, and by the time Lent was over I had lost all desire to eat them.  I still have one box left.
****When Madeline started pre-K the teacher pulled me aside one day after school to tell me about Madeline's reaction to a powdered doughnut at snack time.  She totally freaked out when they gave it to her because she had no idea what it was.  People are seriously shocked when they find out your child doesn't know what a doughnut is.  It never occurred to me to give her one before that.  Don't worry, Ellie is familiar with doughnuts.

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