Monday, June 8, 2009

I have an idea...

My sense of humor is a tad off-beat, so sometimes what I think is great idea isn't viewed as such by others. This past weekend, I've been trying to come up with a fun concept for the Kindergarten Religious Ed class that I'm teaching this Fall.  Some of the classes have a little lamb that they send home with the kids for a week.  The kids return the lamb at the end of their week with a synopsis of what they did with the lamb.  It's a cute idea, but I have a problem with it.  Having been on the receiving end of one of these lovely classroom mascots, I can attest that it's gross to have to bring a stuffed animal that has been in many homes into your home.  I want something that is non-porous and can be wiped clean, something that won't disgust the parents.

The problem with my sense of humor crept in when I ran some of my ideas by Bryan. We have a Jesus Christ action figure* with "real gliding motion" and I suggested to Bryan that I use that with my class.  That got a resounding "NO!". about "The Adventures of Flat Jesus" where you take the flattened drawing of Jesus around with you for a week?  You guessed it! Another idea shot down before it could leave the ground.  So I sat and thought about it some more.  Earlier this year Madeline did a Flat Stanley project in school.  The kids loved it, and so did the Kindergarten class that he visited in Florida (my friend's roommate took him to her class for a day).  So I tried to think of how I could give Flat Stanley a more Catholic spin.  I think I've got it!  I knew a priest named Father Stan when I was in high school (before I converted).  He was really nice and did a lot of work with the parish youth.  So, why not the Adventures of Flat Father Stanley?  Bryan thinks this idea is my least offensive one yet.  What do you think?  Each week Flat Fr. Stan can go home with another student and have a new adventure.  He's cute, he can fit in a folder, and he can be laminated.  I can use him in the classroom as a teaching aid, too.
Here is my sidekick prototype:

What do you think?  Would Flat Father Stanley make a good houseguest and class mascot?

* I didn't buy this, nor would I.  My brother-in-law gave this to Madeline for her baptism.  It is still in it's original packaging.  I think it may be worthy of the strangest baptism gift ever award if there is such a thing.


  1. I like it!! Flat Father Stanley sounds doable and not offensive in any way I can see.


  2. I like it and do not find it offensive at all. Perhaps one of your first lessons can be about the priesthood and let you introduce Flat Father Stanley.


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