Thursday, April 26, 2012

Small Successes April 26th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1.  My clean the house and eliminate unnecessary items conquest continues, but it's slow going.  I started to work on the laundry room this week.  I cleaned all the dust [lint, maybe?] off the tops of the washer and dryer.  I picked up all the stray restaurant crayons that I use for my religious ed class and put them in one place and I straightened up some of the other craft items that I use for my class.  I tossed a bunch of little things that we didn't need.

2. I cleaned the kitchen counter tops on Tuesday night, but you'd never know it based on all the junk that is strewn across them, but they're clean underneath all the clutter.

3.  I unwittingly fed Katie lots of binding foods two days in a row and that lead to a very cranky constipated baby.  We course corrected by feeding her non binding foods for a few days and by Monday she was starting to be able to go again.  Then I remembered my mom's warning to never feed the baby corn if I didn't want a big mess.  Bryan pureed our remaining corn from dinner that night and I fed some of it to Katie.  Problem solved!  I'm so glad we didn't have to resort to the icky baby food prunes.

4.  A scheduling disaster was avoided for Madeline.  Soccer tryouts for her current club were on the same nights as her band and chorus concerts.  On Friday we determined that she would have to miss the band concert.  Bryan talked to a friend who is on the board for the soccer club and he told us to email the club and explain the situation.  Last night an email went out.  Tryouts for Madeline's age group were moved to a different night.  I'm so glad that everything worked out.


  1. Thanks heavens for Small miracles! So glad you got the soccer tryouts moved! ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  2. Avoiding scheduling disasters is a MAJOR success! And "getting things going again" that weren' ALSO! Good for you!


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