Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life.


I was so happy to see Ellie acting like her old self on Friday night.  My goofy girl insisted on giving herself bunny ears in this picture.  Can you see them?


She's such a happy baby, drool and all.

Watching Madeline and Katie happily interact makes me happy.  The genuinely like each other....for now.


Just as I snap a picture of Katie at 5:50 (the time she was born) the day she turned 6 months old she decides to stick her tongue out for the camera.  Bryan would take this a proof that she thinks I'm ridiculous about the picture thing, too.


Madeline leaned over to hug Katie and she surprised us by going in for a hug on her own.  She hugged Madeline a few times after this was taken.

Bryan is notorious for taking dreadful pictures of me, but somehow he figured out how to use myprime lens
 [up until recently ever picture he's taken with the new lens has been blurry] and he actually took what I think is one of the best pictures he's ever taken of me.  It's nice to upload pictures and see a picture of yourself that doesn't make you want to cringe once in a while.

round button chicken


  1. Your girls are adorable! And that's a great picture of you. Usually being the one behind the camera it's so hard to get nice ones of mama :)

  2. Lovely! Good work getting a photo of yourself!


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