Monday, April 30, 2012

Free Illness With Every Well Visit

I don't know why this always comes as a grand surprise to me, but it seems like anytime I bring one of the kids to the doctor for a well visit we get a bonus illness a few days later.  Katie is now sporting a miserable cold that I'm fairly certain she wouldn't have if we didn't spend an hour and a half at the pediatrician's office last Wednesday.

I'm hoping she recovers from this latest cold quickly.  She's very congested and quite cranky as a result.  Katie just looks like she's sick and miserable.  You can tell she's tired but the congestion is making it hard for her to sleep.  She woke up a few times last night just screaming.  How Madeline and Ellie manage to sleep through it all amazes me.  We're down the hall and it's LOUD and they are sleeping just a few feet away from her bedroom.

I'm not looking forward to her next well visit in July.  Depending on the day of the week, I may have to take all three kids in with me.  Just imagine how many different germs we could pick up then!

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