Friday, April 27, 2012

Book Review: The Beautiful Story of Jesus

While looking for books for our baby I happened upon this lovely Maite Roche book for older children.  The Beautiful Story of Jesusis a hardback picture storybook that introduces children to the life of Jesus.  The book, which begins with the annunciation and ends with Pentecost, illustrates the life of Jesus.

As with other books by Maite Roche, this book is filled with captivating and beautifully done illustrations.  I'm not absolutely certain of the medium used, but many of the illustrations appear to be watercolors.  All I know is they are richly detailed and quite beautiful.  I was just remarking to my husband that I wish there were prints available of some of these illustrations. [I did a quick google search but came up empty handed.]

The story is told on a level that little ones will understand.  With it's simple language and beautiful illustrations, young children will be sure to enjoy this book.  Each page has only a few lines of text, so antsy listeners will not become restless as they might with some more drawn out stories.

Something that I really like about this book is how many mysteries of the rosary are touched on in this book.  If you are introducing your child to the rosary and would like to give them a visual to put with each of the mysteries this book would be an excellent resource.  Every mystery is not illustrated in this book, but most of them are.

This book seems like it is best suited to children up to about second or third grade.  Yes, the text is a bit simple for children at the older end of the age range, but the story is lovely enough to still reach them.  My girls haven't had the opportunity to read this book yet, but based on how much they like other bookswritten and illustrated by her, I know this one will be a hit.

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