Monday, April 16, 2012

A Half Birthday!

I can't believe that Katie is already six months old.  It's so hard to believe that this little love muffin has been here for half a year.

Now that she's six months old she's certainly showing a lot more personality, not that she hasn't been pretty expressive for the past few months.

Katie has definite likes and dislikes.  She knows when she sees a container of watery orange "food" heading her way that it's probably carrots, and she will melt down and become inconsolable.  After her reaction on Thursday last week we decided that we won't be feeding her baby food carrots anymore.  She'll eat normal carrots that we eat if I smash them, but she thinks the baby food ones are the most awful thing she's ever encountered.  Based on the smell, I can't say I blame her.

Since Katie is able to sit up on her own she's having a good time just sitting and playing with her toys.  She is our first baby to actually play with rattles.  Bryan and I are fascinated by this.  She will sit there and fling her toys around or just shake them to hear the sounds they make.  She knows how to play!  Some of her favorite toys are her fruit teether,pink pony and princess doll, Jacques the peacock, and this clicking teething ball.

Katie has a bit of a fascination with the Muppet Movie, in particular, the songs.  She perks up when she hears the Muppet or a Man song.  It's funny to watch her reaction.  She also loves her Baby Einstein music.

Pointing out to Madeline and Ellie that today is Katie's half birthday, the girls were quick to celebrate with her using the little Leapfrog birthday caketoy she got for Christmas.  It's one of the few battery operated toys I'm currently allowing.  I'm trying to go as low tech as possible with this baby and so far I'm amazed at the difference between using lots of noisy toys vs. quiet ones.

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