Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Takes Volume 1

1. At long last, I finally feel like I've almost recovered from last weekend.  Just in time for another busy weekend.  Some weeks I feel like I'm simply not meant to rest.

2. I've spent most of my week in a bit of a funk.  I have a few issues in my life that leave me feeling emotionally alone and spiritually depressed that I struggle to get past.  I seem to hit this wall every couple of months and this month has hit me particularly hard.  I'd love to blog in depth about it just to get my feelings out, but I'm not sure it would be the proper outlet.

3. New life arrived on my doorstep today--a package containing five hungry caterpillars that will hopefully turn into painted lady butterflies.  The girls are delighted with their temporary pets.

4. In precisely two months the girls will be on summer break.  I'm looking forward to the slower pace of life and long days by the pool.

5. My hair is driving me insane.  I just had it cut a month ago and it had been cooperating and looking pretty cute up until last weekend.  I wish my hair would just look normal. On any given day I suffer from stuck to my head flat hair or flipped out in every direction hair.  To top it off, I think I found a gray hair last week.  Bryan keeps insisting that it was a very blonde hair.  When that doesn't work, he tries the "Look at all the gray hairs I have approach."  That doesn't make me feel any better.

6. Bryan and I are beginning to get back in the swing of gardening.  We removed our unsightly chicken wire fence from the blueberry garden and replaced it with a more eye pleasing decorative fence.  We also fenced in the strawberry garden area.  Hopefully the bunnies who live in our yard will not be able to ravage our plants.

7. I am counting down the weeks until CCD classes are over.  I officially have 3 hours and 45 minutes of 7th grade CCD left, and 3 hours of Kindergarten CCD.  I'm looking forward to a nice long summer break.

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