Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Life Lesson for the Day

Sometimes I am faced with unexpected tasks that I would prefer to not have to do or would at best, like to find a short cut solution.  After spending an entire morning cleaning up after the juice spill incident from yesterday and sorting a small mountain of clean laundry, I picked up a sandy headed child.  No, I'm talking talking about the color of her blonde locks.  The child decided that accessorizing her hair with playground sand would be a good idea.  Because of the amount of hairspray I used on her this morning, I got the brilliant idea to take a short cut on sand removal.  Rather than give her a bath, I figured I could pull out the vacuum and use the hose attachment to remove most, if not all, of the sand.  Yeah, that didn't work too well.  I got some of the sand off of her, but Ellie claimed that the process wasn't comfortable so I was forced to stop.  I've used this technique on a shedding cat and rabbit with no complaints, but apparently Ellie is not a fan.  Looks like I'm going to have to give the kid another bath. Ugh.

The life lesson for today is nice and simple: Vacuuming sand out of hair does not work.

Right now I'm wishing that the school didn't have a sand box.


  1. I love your posts.....awesome!!!! I hope to be back online soon!

  2. LOL with vacuuming the sand out; never thought of that one.



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