Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I should've known....

Madeline just dumped a bunch of useless wastes of a tree school announcements on me.  One was the revised school calendar.  School goes until June 22nd. (We'd be done in May if I were allowed to homeschool.) A few good weeks of lazy days by the pool wasted.

As I shuffled through the unseemly pile of announcements,  I perked up when I saw a flyer for an essay contest entitled "The Innocence of Youth Speaking for the Innocent Voiceless!"  Instantly I assumed this must be an anti-abortion essay contest.  I thought it was a bit odd considering it came from the public school.  Surely some of the pro-death mommies and daddies would be getting their panties in a knot over this one.  So I decided to read on and get the details.  It appears that the "innocent voiceless" are not the unborn human babies that are slaughtered every day, but rather they're cats and dogs.  I don't know about you, but the last time I checked, dogs and cats have voices.  It's true that they can't speak English, but they're anything but voiceless.  Amazing.   I should complain to the school that: 1. Animals have voices. 2. Plants are killed every day and they certainly don't have voices. Where's the activism for the innocent house plants that get neglected in staggering numbers daily?  Liberal hippy crap.  Yet another reason I'd love to homeschool my kids.  It may sound harsh, but there'd be none of this "Let's save the puppies and kittens!" agenda in my homeschool.


  1. why can't you home school? I read somewhere that society has devalued human life so much that it is considered a worthy cause to be concerned about the endangered species and speak up for them, but its not "cool" to speak up about the rights of the unborn babies. Seems like Madeline's school is jumping on that band wagon too.

    looks like it will be a long June with the extra school days


  2. Homeschooling would solve these issues. We had our boys in school through 2nd grade, and that was enough for us! Been homeschooling for 6 years now, and it's worked out great, although it's been a lot of work. Well worth it, though.

    If you were to raise your concern to the school, I'll bet they would berate you for not defending cute little puppies. Skip right over the main issue; that's what usually happens when liberals use animals and the environment to defend their mindsets. These are do-gooders who want to do good but in a way that doesn't make any waves. So...they pick the cute "make us all feel good" issues that are really very small compared to the real issues in our world. That's how evil acts perpetuate themselves, and educators convince the kids it's all good stuff. In reality, doing good is not warm and fuzzy. It means being a warrior--velvet and steel, strength and character.

    Better stop before I write a thesis on this!
    God bless.


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