Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey, it's the Johnsons!

My children clearly lead sheltered lives.  Madeline didn't know what a donut was when she started going to pre-K, and my kids aren't well versed in classic cartoons.  On New Year's Day of this year one of the stations ran a Loony Toons marathon.  My kids apparently hadn't been familiarized with the well known cartoon characters.  They began to refer to Bugs Bunny as Bug Rabbit and they insisted that Daffy Duck was a girl.  My poor misguided children.

The girls are familiar with The Flintstones.  They have seen the shows and they consume a Flintstone vitamin daily.  This led me into the lull of believing that my kids knew the mainstream Hanna Barbara cartoons.  That illusion was shattered when Madeline walked into the family room a few minutes ago and excitedly proclaimed "Hey, it's the Johnsons!"  She was, in fact, incorrectly referring to The Jetsons.  Sigh. I have clearly failed in my duties as a parent to introduce my children properly to classic cartoon shows.  At least they know who the Smurfs are.

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  1. LOL!!! When the movie cars came out mine ALL time, for the longest time, called it "Pixie Cars". Seeing it was produced by Disney-Pixlar. LOL


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