Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grinding Halt

My day was going well enough.  I did some grocery shopping. (Gasp!)  I went to the library and took out a book Madeline has been wanting to read and another that I wanted to read instead of buying them on Amazon.com. (Double gasp!)  I even did the laundry and some workbook pages with Ellie.  Then, my day came to a grinding halt when I stumbled upon an email from Madeline's teacher.  Four kids have accused her of rummaging through the book bags during reading time and a cell phone and key are now missing.  My child was accused after dismissal.  Madeline doesn't have the missing items and she's claiming innocence.  Looks like I have a sleepless night ahead of me, unless the teacher decides to call me tonight per my request.  Ugh!  I would not have these problems if I home schooled my children.


  1. why does a kid Madeline's age have a cell phone? (I know its not Madeline's but a classmate's)

    why didn't the teacher call instead of email you? that is tacky on her part. a phone call would have taken care of the problem sooner and not caused you this stress

    I rarely get back to read comments others or you might write in response to a comment, so email me why home schooling is not an option for you (Lv2trnscrb@aol.com)

    good luck!!


  2. ugh! praying for you all!!! Let us know...


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