Monday, April 19, 2010

I Love Lucy Moments

Sometimes I can't help but wonder if we're all sort of a source of entertainment for God.  If we are, then I'm God's idea of a twisted comedy show.

All day I've wanted to write a blog about my weekend.  It was long and jam packed with lots of things that left me thoroughly exhausted.  More than forty eight hours after Mass on Saturday night and my body is still feeling the effects of holding a sleeping 40+ pound child.  So I'm now painfully aware that my baby isn't much of a baby anymore.  I think I need a lighter model.  I like to mull over major life changing decisions, so production of a new model hasn't been fully discerned yet.  My stumbling block on this issue is I'm not sure I can part with the few shreds of sanity that I still have. I can't keep the names of two kids straight.  It is unlikely that I will remember the name of an additional child, unless I go with the name "Whoever You Are" and that name is already heavily in use when talking to Ellie.  Poor child.

I started off my day trying to clean up the kitchen after the sword fighting fiasco.  The kitchen table, chairs and floor were splattered with cranberry juice that wasn't spilled if I'm to go with the answer I was given by Madeline last night and this morning.  Ellie told me what happened last night when I picked her up from school today.  Apparently Madeline's friend knocked the juice cup over with the sword and then the visiting friends ran out of the house like bats from Hell.  Nice friends.  Madeline didn't want to get in trouble so she decided deception was the way to go.  She clearly didn't think that I'd notice the cranberry stained towel in the laundry and she must have forgotten that her little sister who witnessed the event has a pretty good command of the English language.  She came clean this afternoon when I told her about the mess I cleaned this morning.  Looks like she's got a date coming up with her favorite parish priest.

My entire day and all the craziness that occurred stem directly from the juice incident.  My morning alone was devoted to cleaning a mess that was thrice denied.  Then I started on the laundry.  Or, I should say I tried to start the laundry.  That's when I realized that the washer needed to be cleaned.  My washer has a system clean setting to clean out the drum.  I've ignored this prompt a couple times and decided that I needed to do a system clean before doing another load.  Unfortunately, I didn't trust that the system clean had actually happened when I returned to the laundry room and loaded the washer.  It smelled like fresh bleach so I decided to take out the clothes and do a system clean.  Turns out I totally blanked on the fact that I had put detergent in the dispenser.  When I came back into the laundry room I had a washer filled with suds a la I Love Lucy.  Thinking that the bubbles would pop when I put the clothes in the washer I decided to push the clothes in and get on with the laundry.  For those of you who are wondering, suds happily move out of the way instead of popping.  It was a total I Love Lucy moment courtesy of Era HE detergent (I thought HE detergent was supposed to be low suds!) and Electrolux.

Once I got past the suds situation, I decided I should go into the utility closet and empty the frying pan that catches all the drips from the hot water heater that likes to leak.  It's a task that we have to do 1-2 times a day.  If we forget to empty the pan we wind up with a small flood.  Sadly, I walked in on a large puddle that took three full sized bath towels to soak up.  The kicker is that Bryan emptied the pan which holds well over a half gallon of liquid less than 24 hours before.  We really need to get a tankless water heater installed.

I've had a long day and I'm exhausted.  Sticky floor, sand coated child, super suds, mini flood, and neighborhood kids doing stupid things on my backyard swing set clearly trying to prove that Girls' Jackass may someday be a show on MTV.  Through it all I have maintained my composure and patience.

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