Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Trick or Treat for Us

We came out of Hurricane Sandy unscathed [and with electricity].  We have a tree that's leaning a bit that my still fall, and a few branches that fell off one of our trees but other than that we sustained no damage from the storm.  My hometown and it's surrounding areas took quite a beating, but it wasn't as bad as what happened in some of the more northern shore points.

Due to the destruction and upheaval Sandy caused throughout the state our Governor has postponed trick or treating until next Monday to ensure that it's safe for the kids throughout the state.  My girls and many of their friends were all disappointed about this news, but I reminded the girls that they should be grateful that our home and town suffered very little damage compared to other towns where trick or treating probably isn't even a concern to children who have had their homes severely damaged or destroyed by the storm.

A childhood friend of mine is a police officer on my hometown island and he was kind enough to offer to take pictures for those of us who were concerned about a specific property since access to the island was still restricted.  While my parents sold my childhood home a year and a half ago, I was relived to see that it wasn't badly damaged from the storm.   And a college friend of mine who lives in Ocean City was very relived to see that her home was safe and sound when they finally were allowed back on the island today.  Even their pumpkin was still sitting right where they left it.  Praise God!

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the older girls in their costumes at the school Halloween parade.  Katie didn't get dressed up in her costume today, but she'll be in costume on Monday night.

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