Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Derailed By a Tooth

I feel like I've just been skirting by this past week.  I had blog posts that I wanted to do or had started writing that simply never made it to a point where I felt I could hit publish.  I spent most of the past week with a headache caused by a tooth that was in pain.  That one tooth had me feeling a bit miserable and more than a little worried.  I'm a worrier by nature so I spent more time than I care to admit between last Thursday and Monday morning worrying that my tooth was in a very bad way.

Thankfully a trip to my dentist on Monday got to the cause of my problem.  A filling I had done about eight years ago was a bit loose and had some decay under the filling.  I'm a bit tweaked about that.  I've had issues with that filling and the other one or two that I had done at that time since they were put in.  They weren't done by the dentist I've been going to since '85 (The dentist and I spent a few minutes looking over my chart yesterday and reminiscing over my dental records.).  The dentist I saw for these fillings was an attempt to find a local dentist so I wouldn't have to drive over an hour to see mine.  I was so upset with the poor job done on these fillings that I wanted my dentist to drill them out and redo them, but he didn't want to do it because doing so would require him to drill out more of my tooth and he told me he wouldn't do it unless there was a problem.  Now that I've had a problem I'm wondering if the other fillings done by the other dentist are ticking time bombs.

So at my appointment yesterday I think I must have been given a megadose of novocaine.  Usually when I have a filling done my mouth is numbed up for maybe two hours at most.  This time around it took over ten hours for it to wear off.  The girls thought it was a riot that I couldn't control half of my face.  I wasn't amused.  It certainly made eating and drinking a bit of a challenge.

I'm feeling better now, but I still feel like I've been knocked for a loop.  I guess the past couple of weeks have taken a bit out of me between this and the bug bite of doom.  Here's hoping that next week will be uneventful outside of Katie celebrating her first birthday.

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