Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Arma Dei Review: Color Me Catholic

Let me start off by saying that Monica from Arma Dei must have the patience of a saint.  I've had Color Me Catholic New Roman Missal Edition in my possession for nearly a full year now (maybe longer) and I'm just now getting around to writing the review.

Color Me Catholic New Roman Missal Edition is a set of ten booklets grouped into five categories to familiarize children with the new translation of the Mass.  The booklets each cover a different portion of the Mass.  The each of these booklets have little check boxes next to the responses that children can check off once it has been done during mass.  In theory, this should help children follow along and be attentive.

Perhaps you're wondering about the "five categories" for the booklets.  Each of these booklets has eight pictures with the names of items you'll find in the church or hear mentioned during Mass.   These pictures include those you'll find in the Reverence and Awe collector cards and Catholic Lingo Bingo game.  Depending on the booklet you are using, the pictures will either focus on Vessels, Vestments and Symbols, Furnishings, Parts of the Mass or Sacraments.

If you follow directions carefully for printing the Color Me Catholic booklets you should have no difficulty assembling the booklets properly.  I, however, failed to read the directions first and took many frustrating attempts to get it right.  Then I read the directions and it all came together beautifully.  [Moral of the story: Read the directions first.  You'll be glad you did.]

I really like the concept of Color Me Catholic, but I had a few issues with it.  First, I would have liked it better if all of the "people's parts" of the Mass responses were in a single booklet since my middle daughter who was my tester for this product would lose focus during Mass instead of following along.  While I like the idea of familiarizing children with the different things found in the church, the idea of doing a scavenger hunt during Mass didn't sit well with me especially when my daughter was careening to get a better look around the church.  Of course, that is the point of these booklets to get her looking around and becoming familiar with what you'll find at church.

Since the booklets are in black and white children can color in the pictures and customize the booklets to suit their style.  My daughter enjoyed getting to color the booklets which is something she doesn't get to do with her weekly missal.

Overall, this is a nice way to help your child actively participate in the Mass and learn about the things found around the church.

I was provided with a review copy of Color Me Catholic New Roman Missal Edition printable download by the publisher, Arma Dei in exchange for my honest review.  Visit the Arma Dei Shoppe for more information on this product or to purchase.

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