Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Craft Fail

Last year I started doing a guardian angel craft with my kindergarteners right around the feast of the guardian angels.  I thought it would be a nice way to teach them about their guardian angels, and to also send them home with the guardian angel prayer.  My thought is the kids will be more likely to want to learn the prayer if their beautiful artwork is hanging on the fridge with this beautiful prayer at the top.

I had a large class and a baby on the way last year so I simplified the craft as much as I could.  All components were pre cut by me. [Can you say control freak? Good.  I knew that you could.]  This year I have a similarly large class, but I've been blessed with a wonderful assistant.  With fifteen kids in the class I figure any craft I could do with eight kids on my own can be done with this class since I have an extra set of adult hands in the room.  So I decided to have the kids do handprint wings for the craft.  I love crafts that use the child's handprints since it just ramps the craft up another level in terms of sentimental value.

So I had wanted to post a picture of the example I made for the children on the blog for my class.  I didn't get around to it over the past week since I was spending too much time fretting over my aching tooth.  I just snapped a picture of it this morning and took a really good look at it.

So you tell me.  Is this an angel with horns?  I think this example will need to tweaked a bit before I can use it next year.  This is what happens when you slap an example together while teaching a class.  Way to pay attention, Miss Karen!

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