Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book Review: Padre Pio's Spiritual Direction For Every Day

For what seems like ages, I've had the book Padre Pio's Spiritual Direction for Every Daysitting in my stack of review books.  It was one of those books that I really wanted to read, but with about a dozen other books that I really wanted to read in the queue this one kept waiting for me.  

A couple of months ago I finally picked up the book.  It became the book that I might not read every day, but I find myself paging thorough it here and there and either reading the entry for the day or reading a week's worth of entries.  I'm amazed at how many times I pick up this book and find just the nugget of wisdom that I needed in that moment.

The entries in this book are comprised of correspondence from Padre Pio to his spiritual directors, spiritual sons or friends, his spiritual daughters and even Pope Paul VI.  Reading through this book feels a bit like a journey.  I feel like the more I read from the book the more I'm coming to know this great saint better.  His advice is timeless and inspirational.  

I was provided with a review copy of this book by the publisher, Servant Books, in exchange for my honest review.  You can take a peek inside this bookat

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