Monday, October 15, 2012

A look at 11 months with Katie

I'm so late in posting about Katie at 11 months.  Especially when you consider that she'll be a year old tomorrow.

Katie's focus between 10 and 11 months was on standing independently.  She liked crouching on the floor and then standing on her own for a little bit at a time.

She began eating more table foods, too.  Her eyes just light up anytime you give her big people food.

Her tooth count by eleven months was five.  She had three bottoms and two tops.

Sleep could be hit or miss depending on those pesky teeth.  When they aren't bothering her she will sleep through the night, but more often than not she would wake up at night.

She really embraced the word Uh-oh this month.  Say it around her a few times and she'll start on a string of uh-oh's and she sounds way too adorable doing it.

Some of her favorite things to play with were books, the kitchen cabinets, and of course, the mouse and keyboard for the computer that's at just the right height for her.

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