Monday, June 18, 2012

Where I Am

I know I've been blogging a couple times a week, but for the most part I just feel like I'm never able to blog.  It's not that I have nothing to say, but rather I simply haven't been able to find the time lately.

Katie is crawling and that means she's into just about everything.  Put her down in one room and she's likely to end up twenty feet away in another room.  I feel like I'm spending a lot of time making sure that Madeline and Ellie haven't left any small toys or random objects on the floor.  Most of the time my paranoia is well founded since I'm always finding coins, legos and other miscellaneous things all over the place.  Now that the girls are home for the summer I need to do random floor searches more often.

Katie turned eight months old on Saturday.  I am determined to blog about it with some pictures of her sometime in the next day or so.

Saturday night Bryan and I attended a wedding in the historic section of Philadelphia.  The wedding took place in the courtyard area of Betsy Ross' house.  It was a beautiful wedding, and the reception was held in a really swanky place just next door.  We had a good time, but couldn't stay very late since I pretty much only had so long that I could stay before the top of my dress would likely no longer fit.  Gotta love being a nursing mom!

Saturday was the first night I wasn't home to put Katie to bed.  I'm usually ok with being away from her for a couple of hours here and there if I'm doing something, like teaching a class, or going to a meeting, but I spent a lot of time worrying about her.  We were gone for about seven hours.  I'm not sure I've ever been away from any of the girls for that long at that age.

School is out for Madeline and Ellie.  So far summer vacation is going well.  The girls are beginning to adjust to Katie's napping schedule.  During her naps I'm asking them to either play quietly, read, clean up any random messes they've made, or go outside to play.

Ellie mastered riding her bike about a week and a half ago.  Since then, she has been riding all over the neighborhood with Bryan and Madeline.  On Father's Day she rode over five miles and wanted to go further!  Bryan is pretty confident that she will be in amazing shape for soccer by the end of the summer.

Madeline seems to be enjoying the Harry Potter books.  She finally made it through the first book and passed Bryan's line of questioning about the plot.  This morning she decided to pick up the second book and has already made significant progress through it.  Her synopsis of the book, thus far, indicates that she's actually paying attention to what she's reading and that she certainly is getting into the book.

I hope as the week progresses that I'll find some time to blog and post pictures.  I have oodles of pictures that I want to share.

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