Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick Takes Volume 39

The seemingly never ending task of sorting through the hand-me-downs continues.  Part of the problem is I just don't have the time to complete this super sized chore, and the other part of the problem is I don't exactly part well with things.  I'm attached.  Oh, and the biggest part of the problem is I like to shop.
I'm systematically causing a future hand me down problem for size 18-24 and 2T clothing.  Thanks to irresistible  clearance prices, I have quite a few adorable dresses for Katie for next spring and summer.  I realized yesterday when I was filling my shopping cart with adorable and classic looking dresses with great clearance prices from Janie and Jack that this is EXACTLY how I wound up with a bedroom that was being swallowed up by the girls' outgrown clothes.
I'm kicking around the idea of writing my own VBS program for next year and using the materials our parish recently purchased from Catholic Artworks to make the posters, coloring pages and so forth.  I just have to get past doubting my ability to do it well.  I know I can do it, but I worry that the program might fall short and it would be all on me.  In short, I'm afraid of failing.
I'm very close to having all of the administrative work done for the VBS program for this year.  Registration is complete and now I'm moving on to creating rosters, putting together name tags and other things of that nature.  If I can get a few hours one day where I have no interruptions or distractions I think I can get it all done.
I'm continually amazed a how messy my house, the kitchen in particular, can become in the span of an hour or two.
Got milk?
I'm getting excited that our new freezer should be here by the middle of next week.  I'm dreaming of a freezer stocked with ice cream, frozen meat and ravioli.  Bryan commented yesterday that he thought it was pretty sad that we were buying a freezer because the one in our fridge had been taken over by little bags of milk for Katie.  She almost never takes a bottle so everything I pump winds up in the freezer for the most part.
I'm getting excited about next school year.  We're trying to figure out which activities the girls will be doing at school.  I'm hoping that we don't wind up over-scheduled, but knowing Madeline that will probably be the case.  So far it looks like both girls will be doing soccer with the local club and children's choir.  Madeline will join the school band and choir and will continue to altar serve.   I'm hoping that she doesn't decide she wants to join many more activities at school.

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