Thursday, June 28, 2012

Small Successes-June 28th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.
1. I took the girls to our parish's carnival on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.  I managed to pull off not playing any of the games or having to buy any snacks.  Madeline and Ellie had a good time and taking them to the carnival kept their mind off Bryan being away.

2. I finally put away the Easter baskets and other related items.  I took them down to the basement ages ago, but never got around to packing them away in the utility closet.

3. I survived another one of Bryan's business trips.  This time he was gone from 5am on Monday until Noon today.  The disasters for this trip were Ellie getting kicked in the face on a carnival ride and having her good glasses bent, Katie teething and not wanting to sleep, and the girls having an uncanny knack for waking Katie just as she started to nap or go to sleep for most naps and bedtime.  I'm beat after these past few days.

4. I made it to confession last Saturday.  For some reason whenever I go these days, I wind up standing in what feels like the longest line ever.  This time I was sixth in line and got out of confession with roughly a minute to spare before Mass began.  I thought Madeline and I would only be in line for a few minutes, but alas, I was once again wrong and waited a good while.  Thankfully, Katie was calm for Bryan.  I was starting to worry at one point when I realized that I was carrying the diaper bag and Bryan was in the church with Katie and Ellie.

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