Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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 She actually smiled for a picture!  This is such a rarity these days.


I had a vision for the backdrop I wanted for VBS for the camp pictures and the closing show.  Unfortunately I lack the artistic skill to pull off what I wanted.  I remembered that our parish's youth minister paints murals and I decided to ask if she could paint what I wanted, figuring the worst that could happen would she would decline to take on the task of painting my 6x9 foot canvas drop cloth.  She said yes and two nights ago she emailed me this picture of the not yet finished backdrop that she and three of the young adult and youth group members created.  Isn't it beautiful?  I'm thrilled with how it looks.


Bryan and I went to his friend/co-worker's wedding on Saturday night.  They had this "photo booth" area set up where you could throw on some props and get your picture taken.  Don't Bryan and I look dignified?  Part of me wishes I had thought to get a picture of us without funny noses and glasses.  See what happens when I have a glass of wine?  I willingly dressed myself up like this on my first evening away from the kids in eight months!  I honestly don't know what Bryan's excuse was.


Ellie is now very confidently riding her bike.  On Father's Day she rode over five miles!  She actually biked further than her big sister which surprised Bryan and I.  Seeing how big Ellie looks on this bike I think she may need to move to a 20" bike very soon.
The following day she went for another bike ride and accidentally ran into the street sign post.  Now in her defense, some neighborhood boys have messed around with this pole until they got it to come loose so they could parade around with the street sign.  After hitting the post dead on with her front tire, the sign post is now a smidge considerably more slanted.  Fortunately Ellie walked away from the collision with no injuries.  The sign post clearly took the brunt of the impact.
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